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Intellectual Property

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The history of the development of civilization confirms that the basis of scientific and technological progress in a particular country and in the world as a whole are the objects of intellectual property created by human intellectual labor.

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There are two groups of intellectual property — objects of copyright and related rights and objects of industrial property law.

The objects of copyright and related rights include:

  • works of science, literature and art;
  • computer programs;
  • performance;
  • phonograms;
  • database;
  • transmissions of broadcasting or cable broadcasting organizations;
  • works that are made public after the transition into the public domain.

Intellectual property copyrights do not require registration, arise from the author due to the fact of creation of the object. In addition, the works themselves are not directly related to entrepreneurial activity and production and belong to the cultural sphere.

The objects of industrial property include:

  • objects of patent law: inventions, utility models, industrial designs;
  • means of individualization: brand names, trade names, trademarks, appellations of origin;
  • non-traditional objects: selection achievements, topologies of integrated circuits, production secrets (know-how).

The means of individualization are widely used in business, individualizing commercial organizations, enterprises, and goods. The value of objects of patent law and non-traditional objects is that they serve as tools to optimize and develop production. Exclusive rights to these objects are subject to registration with the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation (Rospatent) or other bodies (for example, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation deals with the registration of breeding achievements).

Legal provisions on the protection and use of intellectual property in most countries are governed by relevant legislative acts, taking into account historical, economic, national conditions and traditions.

Our services to help protect copyrights:

  • register of a patent for inventions;
  • registration of copyright and related rights;
  • legal protection of copyright and related rights;
  • protection of computer programs and databases and topology of integrated circuits.

What is included in the service

  • legal advice;
  • preparation of documents;
  • representation in government bodies;
  • obtaining patents;
  • registration of copyright and related rights;
  • pre-trial and judicial proceedings if necessary;
  • negotiations on the issue of the transfer of intellectual property rights.

Cost of services

The cost of services from 5000 €.



Protecting the interests of a pop artist of the Russian Federation, who was sued for violation by him and the author of the song of the copyright of a foreign composer, who believed that our artist was performing a song, a fragment of which was borrowed from his song.


Lawyers defended the copyright of the Russian composer and famous artist for the song. They proved that our composer, author and artist did not borrow anything from anyone, which means that they did not violate anyone’s copyright.

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