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Tax Planning

For Corporations

Our team of lawyers and attorneys will build holding structures for your business, create legal schemes for the movement of funds in order to optimize taxation, where various jurisdictions may be present, including offshore.

We will provide full legal support for the activities of the group of companies within the framework of the current tax legislation in foreign countries.

Why should you choose us

  • more than 15 years of practical experience in providing such services;
  • created more than 30 large holding structures, in order to optimize taxation, some of them had a turnover more than 500,000,000 US dollars per year.

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What is included in the service

  • optimization of tax payments;
  • reduction of tax losses for a specific tax or group of taxes;
  • identification of tax risks;
  • analysis of tax problems and setting a task for developing a tax scheme;
  • selection of basic tools for tax planning;
  • development of a tax scheme;
  • carrying out activities in accordance with the developed tax scheme.

Cost of services

Cost of services from 10 000 € *
* Final cost depends on your needs.



Minimize tax burden simultaneously for several companies in the Russian Federation and abroad.


Lawyers have proposed the optimal scheme for combining a client’s companies for calculating taxes in various jurisdictions, saving the client more than 10 million rubles.

The problem the client faced

The client applied for legal advice on the issue of disputing the tax audit act in terms of recognition of expenses as unlawful, as well as the application of tax deductions for value added tax.

Actions of the “Razumovskaya & Partners” Law Office team

The lawyer prepared objections to the tax audit report in full, which reflected the arguments of the taxpayer in accordance with the existing current judicial practice.

The client’s benefit

As a result of the assistance provided, the client avoided huge financial losses.

The problem the client faced

The client asked to assist in drawing up a contract for the manufacture, delivery and installation of Small Architectural Forms from scratch.

Actions of the “Razumovskaya & Partners” Law Office team

The lawyer agreed with the parties on the details and prepared a draft contract for the manufacture, delivery and installation of Small Architectural Forms. Both parties were satisfied with the result of the assistance provided.

The clients’ benefit

Is that they received a high-quality, competent draft contract in a short time period.

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