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Environmental Law

For Corporations

The increase in the scale of economic activity negatively affects the state of nature and living conditions of people, leads to the fact that in these territories there is an increased degree of pollution of soil, water and air, impoverishment or absence of wild flora and fauna, the predominance of artificial elements of the environment, accumulation of industrial and household waste, high noise, magnetic fields and other harmful physical influences.

In this regard, the peculiarity of the human environment as an object of legal protection is that it disrupts the natural processes of self-regulation and self-healing, acting in nature, resulting in the need for constant and purposeful activity of people to maintain environmental quality, harmonization of environmental and economic interests of society.

Therefore, unlike the natural environment, the protection of which is ensured by the preservation and reproduction of natural objects and complexes, the protection of the human environment is achieved in other ways — through its healing and improvement, creating more favorable conditions for life, activity and recreation of people.

Our lawyers will help to avoid fines and regulations of regulatory authorities that monitor the state of the ecological environment and provide legal measures aimed at preventing and eliminating the negative environmental consequences of anthropogenic activities of your business, making healthy and improving the human environment in order to ensure a favorable environment for the present and future generations of people.

Key services

  • ensuring a safe environment for human life and health;
  • regulation of relations in the field of protection, use and reproduction of natural resources;
  • conservation of natural resources, wildlife genetic stock;
  • protection of natural resources, natural surroundings, landscapes and other natural complexes.

What is included in the service

  • legal advice;
  • preparation of documents;
  • obtaining licenses, permits;
  • conduct of negotiations;
  • representation in government.

Cost of services

Cost of services from 5000 € *
* Final cost depends on the tasks that need to be addressed.



Settlement of the fine for an industrial ore processing company.


Lawyers filed a complaint against the administrative violation order in respect of the enterprise, stating their thesis of disagreement with such a severe punishment, in the form of a fine of 6 million rubles for the discharge of hot water into the river. The higher authority examined the complaint, took our arguments into account and mitigated the punishment of the industrial company by reducing the fine to 600,000 rubles, because this is the first such violation.

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