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Public Relations

For Corporations

How does public relations fit into the system of public relations and, as a structural element of the public system, influence the establishment of relations between companies, the formation of public opinion?

Public opinion is the attitude of various groups of people to the events and facts of social reality.

Our purpose in providing a public relations service is to understand public opinion, study it, help companies work with it professionally and influence it. Our public relations programs are designed to convince people to change their minds about an issue, product, company, or individual, to crystallize an opinion that has not yet been finalized, or to reinforce existing public opinion.

What is included in the service

  • implementation of planned and ongoing work as part of management;
  • establishing relationships between the company and the public;
  • constant work with monitoring of consciousness, opinions, attitudes and behavior both inside and outside the company;
  • analysis of the impact of policies, procedures and actions on the public;
  • modification and adjustment of elements of policy, procedures and political actions when they come into conflict with the interests of the public and the life of the company;
  • advising on the introduction of new policies that are interdependent on the company and the public;
  • adjusting for changes in opinions, attitudes and behaviors within and outside the company.

Cost of services

Depends on the tasks and goals, starts from 750,000 rubles.

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