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Public Relations

For Individuals

We help in the creation and implementation of your individual image in socio-economic and political systems of competition in order to consolidate this image as ideal and necessary in life.

In a broad sense, public opinion management, building relationships between society and you for an objective understanding of social, political or economic processes.

What is included in the service

  • counseling taking into account the behavioral characteristics of a person;
  • identification of possible trends in the construction and development of a PR campaign, including the formation of a positive image and advertising, as well as forecasting the consequences of such campaigns for you;
  • study of public opinion, its attitudes and expectations in order to develop recommendations for your person, as well as the necessary measures to form the required opinion about you and meet certain expectations;
  • establishment and maintenance of two-way communication between the public and you, based on the accuracy of the information used and greater awareness, studying the public’s reaction to all actions of the PR initiator;
  • prevention of conflicts, elimination of misunderstandings;
  • settlement of problem or crisis situations;
  • creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and social responsibility at the interpersonal level and in society as a whole; harmonization of personal and public interests;
  • promoting the formation of friendly relations with staff, suppliers and consumers;
  • improvement of industrial relations;
  • attracting qualified employees to the organization’s team, creating comfortable conditions that help reduce staff turnover.

Cost of services

Depends on the tasks and goals, starts from 350,000 rubles.

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