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Construction & Infrastructure

For Corporations

The construction industry is also a very complex business due to the fact that it has a large number of components, from licenses and permits, which are obtained even before the company starts its activity in government bodies and to complex weighty contracts.

We offer a huge range of services to support your business:

  • representation of interests of the company in government bodies;
  • developing a legal position in the following categories: land law, changing the type of permitted use / category of land plots;
  • resolution of disputes over land boundaries, disputes with the Moscow State Property Department;
  • obtaining permission for construction, commissioning of capital construction facilities;
  • legalization / approval of redevelopment / reconstruction of commercial real estate;
  • interaction with the state inspectorate for real estate;
  • challenging fines for violating the established procedure for construction, reconstruction, overhaul of a capital construction object, putting it into operation, for violating the established type of permitted use of a land plot;
  • maintenance of the redemption of property from state property;
  • exclusion of real estate from the list of real estate, the tax base of which is defined as the cadastral value;
  • implementation of the developed positions / strategies, at all stages, including representation in courts, interaction with government bodies.

Cost of services

The cost of each individual service from 5000 €.



Support of a transaction for the acquisition of a land plot in the city center with a building for the purpose of reconstruction.


Lawyers agreed on the purchase of land and buildings on conditions that completely satisfied the client, prepared a preliminary sale and purchase agreement, a purchase and sale agreement for the land and building, acts of transfer and acceptance, extracts from the Unified State Register of Real Estate, indicating the transfer of ownership and received permission to reconstruct the purchased building.

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