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Any business needs financing, which can be attracted both through ICO and through IPO. Our team will help you create a unique plan and implement it for your ICO / IPO so that you can get the best result. We have the necessary experience and resources so that you fully enjoy this process and get the necessary financial investments in your business.

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  • we help to enter any financial exchanges;
  • we provide legal support accompanied by a turnkey ICO / IPO;
  • over the past 2 years, we successfully consulted for three companies.

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What is included in the service IPO

Preliminary stage includes:

  • analysis of the issuer’s financial and business situation, organizational structure and asset structure;
  • analysis of information and financial transparency;
  • analysis of corporate governance practices;
  • identified weaknesses and shortcomings that may prevent successful IPO implementation;
  • preparation of necessary documents.

These actions are usually performed before the final decision to enter the public capital market. If according to the results of the preliminary stage, taking into account the eliminated shortcomings, the prospect of an IPO is evaluated by the issuer positively, then the IPO process moves to the preparatory stage.

The preparatory stage includes the following actions:

  • team of IPO participants is selected (a trading platform is selected, partners (consultants, brokers, underwriters) with whom the action plan and IPO configuration are finally agreed;
  • formal decisions are taken by the issuer’s bodies, formal procedures are followed (for example, shareholders exercise their preemptive right) and formal documents are drawn up (securities prospectus);
  • Investment Memorandum is created — a document containing information necessary for investors to make a decision (for example, price per share, number of shares, direction of use of funds, dividend policy, etc.);
  • advertising campaign is launched (including a «road show») to increase the interest of potential investors in the offered securities. Road-show is a series of meetings of company representatives with potential investors, where the company is presented, the main indicators of its activities and characteristics of the placement of shares.

The main stage includes:

  • collection of applications for the purchase of proposed securities;
  • pricing (if it has not been previously determined);
  • satisfaction of applications (allocation);
  • summing up the results of public placement (appeal);
  • preparation of necessary documents.

The final stage (aftermarket) includes:

  • the beginning of the circulation of securities;
  • final evaluation of the effectiveness of the IPO.

What is included in the service ICO

  • legal justification of the ICO process;
  • white paper development;
  • development of a road map;
  • preparation of a package of documents for the implementation of the token, including the implementation agreement (Token Purchase Agreement), terms of use for the site (Terms of Use), as well as the privacy policy (Privacy Policy), the general public offer (Public offer);
  • consultation on legal interaction in the media space.

Cost of services

The cost of maintenance is 8% of the value of your ICO / IPO.



Preparing and conducting an ICO for a startup.


Lawyers came up with a legal justification for attracting investments in the form of selling to investors a fixed amount of the initial token offer. We conducted a Pre-ICO, during which a certain pool of funds was already raised and helped the client to start business processes faster.

We have developed a white paper, road map, implementation agreement, terms of use for the site, privacy policy and general public offer for the ICO client. Six months after the launch of the ICO, the client sold all the tokens and attracted over $ 2 million to his business.

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